Friday, October 26, 2007

More rambling....

Hi all,

I've been away for a long long time. But I'm back now. "Hey r u thinking of writing again?" These 7 words from Ajeya, posted in my comments section really got me thinking....what have I been doing these past 6 months? Why haven't I been even so much as looking at my blog? I was looking for some answers when my 8 year old came to me sleepy-eyed and asked me, "mom, what are you giving me for lunch today? Can you make aaloo parathas?" Aah, the answer...I've been living my life, the life of a mother, a wife, a home maker, a part time many things...and its been full and rewarding at times and frustrating at others...and in all the activity I forgot to do what I love, to write!!

When we were planning our trip to India in the summer, I was looking forward to getting together with some of you, but as it turned out, I didn't get a chance to meet any of you. The trip itself was eventful and I was glad to be there when I was. It seemed like it was over all too soon and we returned home with tears in our eyes and our hearts full of memories, that we will remember for ever, some fondly, others sadly, but memories, there will always be.

This post is just a come-back one...and I hope to be writng a lot more soon. I haven't had a chance to post about my India trip at all, but we did travel a little bit while we were there and maybe I'll post about our travels to Delhi and Agra...the Taj was spectacular and the kids loved seeing it.

Yes, yes...I know, I'm rambling again..seems like I'm doing that a lot lately....if not on my blog, then when I'm talking to someone...anyways, I hope to be blogging more soon. I want to thank all my blogger friends for thinking of me and caring....


At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Vijay said...

Good to see you back.. Jan 26 (your last post) to Oct 26th (your current post) is a loooooong layoff...

Too bad we could not meet you during your India trip... next time hopefully...

At 10:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


welcome back. i kinda lucked out in that i don't blog hop as much as i used to before, so i am glad you put that comment on vijay's :-).

btw, our understanding of your absence from the blog world was that you had lost your password. ;-)


in the usa, "layoff" has a very negative connotation! you ought to have used rk's word "hiatus" :-) or maybe "sabbatical" (which makes everything sound very professional too)

- s.b.

At 3:41 AM, Blogger Anil P said...

Holding on is always the most difficult of things!

At 11:11 PM, Blogger AJEYA RAO said...

Great to see you back TP. Glad that you began writting again because you write very well. Waiting for your future posts.

At 9:10 AM, Blogger indicaspecies said...

Reached here from Ajeya's blog.

Write, good lady, keep writing - whatever it may be, allow your heart to speak out fearlessly. We are here to listen to you.

celine :)

At 9:12 PM, Blogger travel plaza said...

As always, thanks for being so supportive. I too missed meeting all of you on my trip to you said..maybe next time:)

Its true that I stopped using my blog because I couldn't get into it. But after a while, I stopped trying and life just took over. I'm just glad to be back:))Glad you hopped over here from Vijay's blog:)

At 9:16 PM, Blogger travel plaza said...

You said it!!Holding on is the most difficult thing. But I guess we just have to keep trying until we get a grip.

Thanks so much for always being there and encouraging me to write.

Thanks so much for your support. I will try to keep writing. Starting this blog made me realize that there are so many good people in the world and that the world is not such a scary place after all.
So glad you stopped by from Ajeya's blog.

At 3:58 AM, Anonymous Vijay said...

@SB: I've lived in the US for 7 years and know the term.. so I've probably used it on purpose


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