Monday, July 31, 2006

Family fun at the beach…

Usually for the 4th of July holiday, we plan some kind of vacation. Sometimes it is to Colorado, other times Niagara Falls. This year too, we were wondering what to do for the holiday. We did not feel like taking a really long trip, partly owing to finances and partly because hubby wanted to save up some of his vacation for later in the year. Good friends of ours, S&S suggested the beach and we jumped at it. Yup, a relaxing, fun time at the beach. The kids love the water and we love watching them having fun. Not to say, we don’t have any fun of our own. So, the four of us and the four of them, SS and their adorable two, set off for the beach.

The beach is a short distance from our house and we arrived there around noon, just in time for lunch. We had packed ourselves a picnic lunch and as I’ve said before, I think food tastes better outdoors. We realized that almost all the area residents had the same splendid idea we had, of going to the beach. It was packed. Of course, that made it even more fun. The more, the merrier. We ate, smeared more sunscreen, carried all our stuff, and headed towards the water. It was really warm weather and we thought the water would be cool and refreshing. The kids ran into the water and came out squealing. It was cool, really really cool!! Once their teeth stopped chattering, however, they were in the water, again.

The little ones made sand castles and we threw the ball around and played a few other games. The water was blue and beautiful. The sand, warm and clean. It was one of the cleanest beaches I’ve been to. Toward sunset, we headed back home. After a quick shower and dinner, we headed out to see our local fireworks display. A fun end to a fun day.

Oh! Did I not mention which beach I was talking about? Can you guess what shoreline it is that I speak of?

It is the shoreline of beautiful Lake Michigan. We went to the Illinois Beach State park in Zion. It is in northern Illinois. The Illinois Beach State park offers a wide variety of recreation like jogging and biking paths, fishing, and camping. It is perfect for some good old family fun.


At 11:55 PM, Blogger couch potato said...

Very nice. It is fun to get out to the beach, lakeside or otherwise. Unfortunately, I haven't been to a beach for a long, long time. Time I did I guess. But your write up did give me almost the same pleasure.
I hope you have more holidays and that you continue to write your travel and recreation blogs.

At 3:15 AM, Blogger AJEYA RAO said...

Nice way to spend a day.

Well, i lived in the south western coast of India for 21 years. Even now, when I go to my hometown, i make it a point to visit the beach. A trip to Mangalore(My hometown) is incomplete without a visit to beach. Its a very nice, peceful feeling while I am at beach.

At 9:52 AM, Blogger travel plaza said...

CP, Thanks. There is a certain serenity at the beach even with so many people around. I think water itself has that calming effect. Will certainly try to keep traveling and blogging:))

Ajeya, Never been to any beach in India except the ones in Chennai and Bombay. But I've heard Mangalore is an awesome place. Will have to try and make it there sometime.

At 10:53 AM, Blogger Britmum said...

Wow it looks very beautiful and inviting. Sounds like you had a fab 4th of July. We were on the beach that day watching the shuttle launch.

Take care

At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Gangadhar said... people had somuch of fun over there..Well,i like beaches verymuch..I miss our beach in Kakinada,Andhra..

At 8:03 PM, Blogger christine said...

You know I've always wanted to experience a 4th of July weekend in the US, complete with the fireworks, hotdogs, picnic etc. And yours sounds lovely! Well, that's also because I am partial to beaches. :)

At 9:48 PM, Blogger dreamcaster said...

a nice 'dreamy' way to spend the day. i did not hear back from you?

At 1:34 AM, Anonymous bellur ramakrishna said...

TP, lovely write-up. I just love to sit in a beach and sing the whole day. this post brought me some long lost happy memories. thanks.

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Vj said...

Wonderful Idea to spend a weekend .Iam going to chennai next month for office work .hope to hit the beaches there .Iam dying to go there

At 8:39 AM, Blogger travel plaza said...

Thanks. That must have been super, watching the shuttle launch!

Thanks. Yeah, it was really fun:) Do you visit Kakinada often?

Thanks. We had an awesome time. 4th of July holiday is the best. Smack bang in the middle of summer, its just right for picnics and beaches:))

It was indeed dreamy and fun:))Thanks.

At 8:44 AM, Blogger travel plaza said...

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the post.Singing on the! That sounds like so much fun:)

It was a great weekend:))Thanks.Its been years since I went to the beach in Chennai. I bet its still as awesome as it was.

At 12:53 AM, Anonymous rk said...

Just wanted to wish you happy Varamahalakshmi habba. Being celebrated here today. The rates of flowers have skyrocketed. 1 maaru = Rs.50......ok, just a dollar for you! ;)
enjoy the chitranna-payasa-ambode!

At 7:34 AM, Blogger travel plaza said...

RK, Thanks so much:))I really miss all the habbas here. We do celebrate all the festivals and we have a large Indian community, but I still miss the fun atmosphere of home. Once again thanks so much for bringing me closer to home with your wishes.
I have actually planted a 'mallige' plant in my house here. I don't get lot of flowers, but at least some..1 maaru, have really gone up..

At 9:26 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Hello Happy -- I visited from Britmum's site.
Thanks for the travel story with pictures.
I'm commenting because of your Colorado tales. We stayed next door to the Garden of the Gods for a week a couple of years back. At a lodge/camp called Glen Eyrie.
We did all you did plus golfing minus the raft. The RR ride in the canyon was great.

At 10:40 AM, Blogger travel plaza said...

Welcome to my blog. Glad you stopped by:)
Isn't Colorado the best? I loved visiting there and would like to go back again sometime.

At 6:54 PM, Blogger Frida said...

Hahaha, I sent the 4th about two hours south of you. I hit Lake Story in Galesburg!

It looks as if you and your family had a great time.

At 10:39 PM, Blogger curious servant said...

Looks great! We went on a trip for the 4th as well. To Yellowstone and Cody, Wyoming. (We're in Oregon.)

Good to be home though!

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Gangadhar said...

My last visit to Kakinada was about two years ago..It's just 500km from hyd..hahah
And my wishes on Varamahalakshmi habba..Here too we celebrated...

At 10:14 AM, Blogger travel plaza said...

Welcome to my blog:) I'm sure you guys had a great time too at the beach at Lake Storey. Wasn't the weather just perfect for the beach?

Curious servant,
Wow, Yellow stone..have always wanted to go there. In fact, this summer we were planning to go, but couldn't make it...Hope you had a fun time. I know...its always great to be home, isn't it?
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you'll come again:)

Thanks so much for the wishes. Like I said to RK, all your wishes make me feel closer to home:))Been to H'bad many times, but never to Kakinada.

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Crystal said...

I just moved from Chicago this past April, and there really are some nice beaches along Lake Michigan, both in the city and along the State of Michigan (Warren Dunes SP, etc.)! I grew up in Virginia Beach, VA and oddly, I am now living only a 3hr. drive away. Last weekend my husband & I went there for a visit, the boardwalk and beach is just as lovely as I remembered it and I plan to go back several times this summer.

At 9:58 AM, Blogger travel plaza said...

Welcome to my blog:)I love the beaches along Lake Michigan too. I've only been on the beaches on the Illinois side, though.

At 11:50 PM, Blogger Dav said...

The beach has become quite a painful thing for me... I can never remember to put on enough sunscreen/often enough. So I've become more of a mountain-man, rather than a beach bum.

At 4:22 AM, Anonymous rk said...

TP, you have been tagged! Please visit my blog for details

At 11:27 AM, Blogger travel plaza said...

Ooh..sunburn can be really painful. Well, mountains or beach, the important thing is to have fun:))

Thanks so much. Your list is really impressive. Will get to mine soon:))

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Ravenbajan said...

Very nice! I didn't realize you were so close to the Great Lakes too. I grew up a 5 minute walk from Lake Ontario, but unfortunately you couldn't pay me to go swimming in it. Far too much pollution. Thankfully we have tons of other fresh water lakes that for the most part have escaped mankind's waste.

Even though I don't go into the water of Lake Ontario, I must admit I still love hanging out at the waterfronts.

At 10:49 PM, Blogger travel plaza said...

Yeah, we live just a stone's throw away from the lakefront. The water is pretty clean...I've never tried swimming in it see I can't swim!!

At 7:01 AM, Blogger Ashwink said...

Hey TP,
We were at the same beach this past week with friends! something strange and wierd was going on...straight out of a horror movie and I have the proof!

Happy blogging, L!


At 9:42 AM, Blogger travel plaza said...

Hey Aswink,

Thanks for visiting my blog:)) I checked out the it sure looks scary. My kids were in the same position at the very same beach...fortunately there were no birds....

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Travelin' Tracy said...

Oh, I miss the beach all the way up here in is so cold!


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