Friday, January 26, 2007


I was doing the laundry the other day and the smell of clean fresh laundry took me back to my childhood when we would run around playing in the yard amidst the clothes drying in the sun. Occasionally one or two small clothes would drop down from the clothesline and we would be yelled at for making the freshly washed clothes dirty.
Then my mind wandered to my teens when with the setting sun, my mom would ask me to bring the laundry in and fold the clothes and put them away in their respective places. I loved folding laundry, but the putting away part was what I hated. I grumbled and made a list of all the most hated chores including drying the dishes and putting them away.
Today as I gently fold my kids clothes and put them away in their closets, I smile to myself and think its not so bad after all. The memories of childhood and adolescence come back to us, sometimes, unbidden and other times, we fondly recall them. The topic at the dinner table in our home usually revolves around my husband’s and my childhood and the kids love hearing our escapades and of course, how we got in trouble.
Whenever I feel lonely and isolated, living so far away from our families, it is these memories that bring a smile to my face. These memories are what keep us close to the hearts of the ones we love and to our home. I hope my children have wonderful memories of their childhood when they grow up too, for it is these memories that make the present bearable-knowing that someday the present will be memories of things past.
Why this post, you ask…its all in the title, sundry ramblings! And yes, my friends and family do think I’m weird because I love doing laundry!!